Meet Candice

Professional Water Sommelier and water enthusiast. 

Water is my element and water service is my passion.

Every Restaurant & Hotel should have exceptional water etiquette in place.

"Service" does not apply to one category in a restaurant and not to the other.

Water service is imperative in giving water value and creating hype around the topic of water. Education is key, and most restaurants will only offer still or sparkling without knowing or understanding the basics of water or even the brand they serve. 

Water Service Etiquette workshops now give Restaurants & Hotels  the opportunity to learn about water and to practically demonstrate the art of water service from pouring to presentation. Having a water menu and service in place speaks volumes about who you are as an establishment. I maintain that nobody will notice the lack of water service until it's rivalled by extraordinary service.

Water menus are also a fantastic revenue center for businesses and this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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